Rep. Meuser Criticizes Biden’s ‘Foolish’ Claims on ‘MAGAnomics’ in Interview with Newsmax

Rep. Dan Meuser Friday on Newsmax ridiculed President Joe Biden’s comparisons of Bidenomics to what he called “MAGAnomics,” saying the president’s comparisons were “just foolish.”

“Trumpnomics is the inverse of Bidenomics,” the Pennsylvania Republican told Newsmax’s “Wake Up America,” noting that adverse action on domestic energy is “one of the leading factors of inflation and excessive spending.”

“Big government having more control over the economy, many people call that socialism,” Meuser added. “Trumpnomics was not about taxes and doling out, picking winners and losers. [It] was about keeping taxes low for all.”

As a result of the actions taken by former President Donald Trump, Meuser said, “We had the most booming economy.”

“We had wage increases,” he said. “Gasoline was at $2.30 [a gallon] and people, my constituents, had higher disposable income. They were happy.”

That means “Trumpnomics creates happiness and freedom,” Meuser said. “Bidenomics creates unhappiness, disposable income, and government attempts to control the economy.”

Meuser also spoke out about Biden’s claims to have been a political theory teacher for four years at the University of Pennsylvania, but Newsmax noted that after looking into the claims it learned his comments were not true. 

“He’s completely incompetent,” said Meuser. “I completely agree when President Trump says it’s not about age, it’s about competency. He’s got no minimal competency. We have no captain of the ship and it shows. We have a policy that’s being run by woke individuals that believe in socialism, that believe in government control, that really hate the private sector, and hate domestic energy … it shows that, that the results and their intent never match.”


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Sandy Fitzgerald

Sandy Fitzgerald has more than three decades in journalism and serves as a general assignment writer for Newsmax covering news, media, and politics. 

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