Rep. Roy Urges Newsmax: Cease Funding DHS Until Border is Secured

The Department of Homeland Security does not deserve funding until it does its job of closing the border and doing its job to “secure the homeland,” Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, told Newsmax Tuesday.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas “has totally destroyed what sovereignty and security we had at our border, which wasn’t where it needed to be, but was moving in the right direction under President Trump,” Roy told “Rob Schmitt Tonight.”

“This is an individual who should no longer be at the top of the Department of Homeland Security, and this is an agency that we should no longer provide funding until they actually do their job, which is to secure the homeland, because the lives of Americans are at stake,” Roy said.

“I don’t want to sit down at another roundtable or another table with a mom or dad who lost a child and loved ones to fentanyl poisoning. I don’t want to read another story or meet another family that’s had with their child sold into the sex trafficking business,” Roy continued, adding that the cartels have “full operational control of the border,” which endangers the U.S. and empowers China.

Roy said that the U.S. should be working to build an economic “cohesive force” with other countries in the Western Hemisphere to combat China and discourage the mass exodus from these countries, but instead, “we’re importing lawlessness, importing fentanyl, empowering China and empowering cartels.”

People can continue to complain about it, but one remedy is defunding it, Roy added.

“Will Republicans go ahead and continue to fund a lawless Department of Homeland Security? My position is we should not,” Roy said.


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