Rep. Steube Accuses DOJ of ‘Stonewalling’ Biden Investigations in Talk with Newsmax

Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., told Newsmax Thursday that recently uncovered evidence corroborates whistleblower testimony that the Department of Justice was “stonewalling” in its investigations into the Biden family for several years.

“The FBI had Hunter Biden’s laptop for years and just sat on it,” Steube said during “National Report” Thursday. You have DOJ officials who were stonewalling the investigation on the IRS side on Hunter Biden for years so that it would [run out] the statute of limitations so that they couldn’t charge him with these crimes.”

Steube said that his House Ways and Means Committee released additional evidence this week, including documents showing that DOJ officials instructed IRS investigators not to use President Joe Biden’s name on search warrants or subpoenas, and that Hunter Biden’s attorneys were told about upcoming search warrants.

“I mean [this shows] the complete corruption of our federal government to protect the ‘big guy,’ and we now have evidence to show that’s exactly what was going on,” he said.

Steube said he hopes the current impeachment inquiry hearings will take the “volumes” of evidence and information and break it down into a simple timeline of activities and alleged crimes that people can understand.

“Just yesterday we released 700 pages of more evidence corroborating testimony from other witnesses, corroborating the testimony from the IRS whistleblowers,” he said. “So, it can get a little voluminous for the American people, and I hope [Committee Chairman James Comer can] simplify this as to, Here’s the crime that was committed. Here’s the ‘x’ amount of dollars, we’re up to plus $20 million the Biden crime family took as payments for these types of actions. I hope they lay that all out and put in the timing to make it clear to the American people, and that’s just the evidence we have today.”

He said the opening hearings include legal experts who can break down forensic evidence of President Joe Biden allegedly using his son to cash in on the family name with foreign entities while he served as vice president.

He said the impeachment inquiry is looking at President Biden as opposed to the investigations into his son Hunter.

The White House issued a 15-page memo on the opening of the hearings Wednesday, calling it a “fact-free impeachment stunt” that includes “little to back up their allegations.”


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