Rep. Steube Tells Newsmax: My District ‘Endorses’ Government Shutdown

Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., questioned on Newsmax why a series of bills to fund the government are again, like Congresses of old, being put up at the last minute.

“Why did we wait until we got back from the August recess to start doing the appropriations process? Why didn’t we go through this in June and July?” Steube asked, “The Chris Salcedo Show” on Monday.

“So we’ve put ourselves — the leadership — has put ourselves in a position where there’s not a lot of choice. I can tell you this: my district supports shutting down the government if it means that we will get a more conservative bill that would cut spending, that would secure the border, that would do all the things that Americans put us in charge of the House to do…”

Steube is skeptical about calls to push through last minute mammoth government spending bills, and he is not the only one. Last week, Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., expressed dissatisfaction with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., placing the blame solely on him over a potential government shutdown.

When asked Wednesday, according to a clip from The Washington Post, if the government was going to shut down, Gaetz replied: “Yes. And it’s Kevin McCarthy’s fault the government is going to shut down because we didn’t move individual spending bills.”

“There’s a lot of things wrong in this country that we can blame the Democrats for: the border, the weaponized government. But we cannot blame the Democrats for not having done our job to comply with the coalition agreement that we made at the beginning of the year. That is the fault of the speaker, and I believe that if he does not immediately remediate that, he will likely face a motion to vacate,” Gaetz said.


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Nick Koutsobinas

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