Rep. Tiffany Urges GOP to Prioritize Transparency Regarding the Biden Family, in Conversation with Newsmax

It’s up to House Republicans to bring transparency and accountability to the American people about the Biden family’s wrongdoings since Attorney General Merrick Garland can’t do the job, says Rep. Tom Tiffany, R-Wisc.

Garland was “playing rope a dope the whole time” Wednesday when he testified before the House Judiciary Committee on the probe into the president’s son, Hunter Biden, Tiffany said during an appearance on Newsmax TV’s “National Report.”

He also “seems to be in decline,” Tiffany added.

“When I was asking him questions, it was really quite frustrating. He couldn’t hear, asked us to repeat. I think we have somebody who really is in decline and I’m not sure he’s up to this job. … It’s going to be up to us House Republicans to find out the truth about the Biden family. We’re not going to get any help, or very little help, from the leadership at the Department of Justice,” he added.

Garland’s appearance before the House Judiciary Committee was his first in two years and came at an unprecedented moment in the department’s history: He’s overseeing two cases against Donald Trump, the first former president to face criminal charges, and another against the sitting president’s son.

Garland — carefully and deliberately — defended the country’s largest law enforcement agency of more than 115,000 employees at a time when political and physical threats against agents and their families are on the rise.

“Our job is not to take orders from the president, from Congress, or from anyone else, about who or what to criminally investigate,” the attorney general said. “I am not the president’s lawyer. I will also add that I am not Congress’ prosecutor. The Justice Department works for the American people.”

Tiffany said Republicans must “go on our own and find the information” on the Biden family.

“Think about those tax charges against Hunter Biden. The time limits have expired to be able to prosecute. That’s part of the M.O. that is going on with the DOJ at this point — run out the clock. So, it falls on us Republicans to bring transparency and accountability to the American people. We’ve been doing that over the last number of months and we’re going to continue to do that with the inquiry. We’re going to do that without fear or favor, just as Garland should be and promised the American people.”

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.


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