Rep. Zinke discusses Biden’s objectives with Ukraine in an interview with Newsmax

Montana Republican Rep. Ryan Zinke spoke with Newsmax on Monday to discuss Congress’s ongoing debate about funding the government and the proxy war in Ukraine.

During his appearance, Zinke was asked by “Carl Higbie FRONTLINE,” how funding for Ukraine was separated from the continuing resolution. Higbie’s question was bookended by a Monday report from Breitbart detailing that “six Ukrainian deputy defense ministers were fired” recently amid a “corruption scandal.”

Questioning the Biden administration’s end goal for the proxy war, Zinke, a veteran Navy SEAL, says, “I haven’t been on a mission that didn’t have objectives and a plan. And what I think we should demand — both Congress and the American people — is tell me the plan.”

“We’re $130 billion in … but no blank checks. And I think the American people and Congress should know: What’s are our objectives? And what’s the plan?”

The congressman adds, “tiptoeing [into Ukraine] and just say ‘we’re just going to kill Russians is a great plan.’ I disagree.”

“On top of it, I think we’re giving munitions like cluster bombs — like long-range missiles — on a blank check. So I think the … Biden administration owes us” answers about: “What’s the objectives? What’s the plan?”

Zinke’s comments come as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is set to appear before the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday in New York City to ask for more money.


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Nick Koutsobinas

Nick Koutsobinas, a Newsmax writer, has years of news reporting experience. A graduate from Missouri State University’s philosophy program, he focuses on exposing corruption and censorship.

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