Rep. Zinke Tells Newsmax: House ‘Generals’ on Correct Course With Inquiry

Rep. Ryan Zinke, R-Mont., a former Navy SEAL, told Newsmax on Tuesday that House Republicans have the right “generals” to lead an impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden.

In an appearance on “American Agenda,” Zinke singled out James Comer, R-Ky., Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Jason Smith, R-Mo., the respective chairs of the House Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways and Means committees.

“As a SEAL, I wasn’t the best jumper, diver, explosive expert, but I always knew who was and leadership puts yourself in a position where you can be most effective,” Zinke said. “I have faith in Jim Jordan. I have faith in Comer. I have faith in Jason Smith. These guys are the best and they’ve been working at it the longest, and when they say it’s time to impeach, I’ll be right there with [them].

“Right now, they’re saying it’s time for an inquiry. That’s the next step. And I think all roads are leading to Rome in this one. I think the truth is going to be found, and I think [an inquiry] helps us get there quicker so we can make the right decision.”

Zinke said because of the work of Comer, Jordan, and Smith, House Republicans are in a better situation now to hold an inquiry into allegations of corruption and bribery by Biden and his family members than when they assumed control of the chamber in January.

“We’ve had our best generals – Smith, Comer, and Jordan – looking at different aspects, and certainly we are in a much better position, a much different position than we were when this Congress started,” Zinke said. “So, remember where we were, remember now where we are, and I think at this point in time, the judgment is let’s expand the authorization and the power and this inquiry and let’s get to the truth.

“We deserve the truth and need to follow the money. Because that’s what it’s about, tit for tat, and that’s the definition of bribery and corruption.”


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