Reporters Accused by Sen. Britt of Neglecting Border Coverage

Sen. Katie Britt, R-Ala., strongly criticized reporters for ignoring the crisis at the border during a press conference Wednesday, where she cited stories from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents and women who survived sexual assaults.

Expressing her frustration with this month’s surge of illegal border crossings this month, Britt told the reporters that “we need you to start telling that story.”

The press conference also included Republican Sens. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, and Ted Cruz and John Cornyn of Texas.

“I would have never seen the border firsthand if this woman didn’t know that I needed to see it immediately upon entering the United States Senate. I followed up with a trip with John Cornyn, because they care. These people down there, Sen. Blackburn would talk to them, she knew them. Women would tell us their stories and they are brutalizing, and if you are not telling it that’s on you,” Britt said.

“When a woman sits there and tells you not just about being raped but how many times a day she’s raped. When she tells you about having to lay in that bed while they come in and out and in and out it’s disgusting and it’s despicable,” Britt continued. “Folks, you look at the number of people that have died at the border because Joe Biden has made it more and more enticing to come here. Make no mistake, this is a result of failed policies. We could fix this. We can’t throw money at this and fix it. We have to actually change the policies.

“I looked in the eyes of CBP agents who said we are exhausted. We are not only having to be paper pushers, we are also trying to do what we took an oath of office to do, protect the border. When they tell you about finding small children who have drown in that river or pulling a lifeless body of a woman who was pregnant with twins, it changes the way you think about what’s happening. Drug cartels, guys, they have their tentacles all over this country,” Britt added.

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