Representative Burlison Tells Newsmax: Hunter Biden Was Joe Biden’s ‘Brand’

Hunter Biden was in business to sell one brand: His father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, Rep. Eric Burlison said Wednesday on Newsmax while discussing the revelations that bank wires were being sent to the now-president’s Delaware home.

“The Democrats would have you believe that Hunter was running an Etsy business out of his father’s garage, but that is not the business that he was selling,” the Missouri Republican told Newsmax’s “Newsline,” noting that Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Devon Archer, testified to the House Oversight Committee “that the brand that they were selling was Joe Biden.”

Oversight Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., has revealed that bank transfers made in 2019 from China were addressed to the then-vice president’s home in Delaware, leading the White House to push back Wednesday with a comment that the claims are “half-baked innuendo and conspiracy theories that yet again show no evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden.”

Burlison was skeptical.

“If he wasn’t involved with his son’s business, then why did he go to dinner with Russian and Kazakhstan oligarchs who sent millions of dollars to his son in the year 2014, and then later he went to dinner with his son’s business partner and Burisma,” said Burlison. “If Joe Biden was not involved with his son’s business, then why in the world did he send nearly 1,000 emails from a pseudonym account named Robert L. Peters to his son’s business accounts?”

Testimony will start Thursday with the first day of Biden’s impeachment inquiry, and Burlison told Newsmax that the plan is to “stick to the facts.”

“Bank records don’t lie,” he said. “These documents do not lie, and what’s clear to me, when you have emails that say in 2017 [that there’s] 10% for the big guy and then two years later, money is sent directly to the big guy’s home, that’s a big deal.”


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