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‘Right to Life Trumps Politics,’ Pence tells Newsmax

Former Vice President Mike Pence placed his stake in the Republican primary on the issue of right to life, telling Newsmax on Thursday that “standing for the right to life is more important than politics.”

Pence joined “Rob Schmitt Tonight” in studio and doubled-down on his stance against abortion, even if it means losing an election over it. And Pence isn’t convinced that has happened, either.

“The former president [Trump] actually suggested that we lost elections in the midterms because we overturned Roe v. Wade,” Pence told Schmitt. “I don’t believe that for a second.”

Regardless, Pence told Schmitt that right to life transcends winning elections.

“I actually believe that standing for the right to life is more important than politics,” Pence said.

“The former president, almost everybody else on that [debate] stage … wants to relegate right to life to a states-only issue,” Pence said. “For me, right to life’s not a state issue, it’s a moral issue. I’ll be a champion for right to life in the Oval Office.

“I think when you stand on the right to life, you stand with principle and compassion and demonstrate not just a willingness to put our arms around the unborn but around newborns and women in crisis,” he added.

“Most of Europe bans abortion after a child in the womb is capable of experiencing pain,” Pence added. “Seventy percent of Americans feel that way.”

Pence hammered home his credentials as the most “consistent conservative” in the GOP primary, choosing to avoid delving into Schmitt’s questions about former President Donald Trump and the populist movement. During a speech Wednesday, Pence urged the GOP to reject the “siren song” of Trump’s populist policies.

But Schmitt did ask Pence if he’s telling tens of millions of Americans that they’re wrong about voting for Trump and the populist movement.

“I’m not about to tell people they’re wrong,” Pence replied. “The Trump-Pence administration governed as conservatives. We rebuilt our military, we stood with our allies, we stood up to our enemies. … Now the former president and, frankly, others in this field are talking about walking away from standing with and providing support for Ukraine.”


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