Ron Johnson tells Newsmax he is unsure which planet Nancy Pelosi resides on

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., lambasted former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday, telling Newsmax that the hypocrisy coming from the California Democrat is “actually stunning.”

Johnson was reacting to Pelosi’s MSNBC interview Sunday, when she said Republicans have “come up with nothing” in their investigation into President Joe Biden.

“What planet is she living on?” Johnson said on “Rob Schmitt Tonight.” “There’s a mountain of evidence. Senator [Chuck] Grassley [R-Iowa] and I laid out more than enough evidence to show that the Biden crime family is corrupt.”

Johnson walked through the obvious.

“Why do you lie?” he asked rhetorically. “Joe Biden has lied repeatedly in bold face. We keep proving more and more the number of times he has lied. You lie to cover things up.

“Obviously, they were just selling access and influence. Obvious as the nose on your face,” Johnson told Schmitt. “It’s actually stunning the hypocrisy of Nancy Pelosi when she claims there’s no additional evidence. … There’s all kinds of evidence, it’s so obvious.”

Johnson praised House chairs Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, of the Judiciary and James Comer, R-Ky., of Oversight, in the work they’ve done to further the work that Johnson and Grassley started.

“When Senator Grassley and I were doing our investigation, we did not have support of the conference or even of our committees,” Johnson said. “I’m glad to see that now Republican senators are paying attention to this as well but right now, the ball’s in the House court on this. They’ve got the chairmanships, they’ve got subpoena power. I think they’ve done an excellent job of adding to our record.”


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