Scarborough Reports: Democrats Express Private Concerns about Biden’s Age for Running

Joe Scarborough, co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” revealed that every Democrat he talks to privately believes President Joe Biden is “too old to run” for reelection.

Talking Wednesday with Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, Scarborough spoke on co-host Mika Brzezinski’s behalf when he said the pair have yet to meet a Democrat confident in Biden’s prospects.

“Mika and I, everybody we talk to, every political discussion, it talks a lot about [former President Donald] Trump, but when it comes to Joe Biden, people say, ‘Man, he’s too old to run, isn’t he? I mean, he’s not really going to run?’

“When I say every discussion, I don’t mean 99% of the discussions,” he continued. “Every discussion.”

Scarborough then went on to accuse Democrats that point fingers at Republicans for talking out of two sides of their mouth on and off the air for doing the same with Biden.

“We often will complain about Republicans who will say one thing about Donald Trump off the air and another on air,” he noted. “Well, let me just say, Democrats, off the air, will say ‘Joe Biden’s too old. Why is he running?’ On the air? They won’t say that.”

It comes in the backdrop of Ignatius publishing an op-ed in the Post calling for Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris not to run again in 2024 over fears the ticket cannot stop Trump.

The former president leads the incumbent by one percentage point in three recent national polls: HarrisX, Echelon Insights, and Redfield & Wilton Strategies.

Another conducted by Emerson College Polling late last month shows Trump up on Biden by two in a hypothetical rematch with third-party candidates, 46% to 44%.

Luca Cacciatore

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