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Sen. Cotton Slams ‘Left-Wing’ Bragg’s Indictment of Trump

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, the “left-wing prosecutor in New York City,” has indicted former President Donald Trump “with a convoluted legal theory already rejected by his predecessor and the Department of Justice,” Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., said in a statement Friday.

“Never before in American history has the party in power targeted a former president with criminal charges,” Cotton said. He added that the unprecedented step should not be taken lightly.

“I hope that the courts dismiss the indictment as a matter of law, and I urge the prosecutors pursuing President Trump to carefully consider the harm caused to our republic if flimsy charges against former presidents become a new common practice in our politics.”

Bragg on Friday defended his office’s decision to indict Trump, telling GOP lawmakers accusations of political persecution were “baseless and inflammatory.”

“That conclusion is misleading and meritless,” Leslie Dubeck, Bragg’s general counsel, wrote in a six-page letter to three House Republican committee chairs who have sought internal details of the criminal probe.

“Like any other defendant, Mr. Trump is entitled to challenge these charges in court and avail himself of all processes and protections that New York State’s robust criminal procedure affords. What neither Mr. Trump nor Congress may do is interfere with the ordinary course of proceedings in New York State,” the letter reads.

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