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Sen. Ron Johnson Tells Newsmax that Media Must Not Allow Two-Tiered Justice System

Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin told Newsmax that there would not be two standards of justice for Democrats and everyone else without the mainstream media’s help.

Appearing Tuesday on “Rob Schmitt Tonight,” the Republican lawmaker highlighted the media’s role in helping cover up the Department of Justice’s botched investigation of Hunter Biden’s alleged tax fraud.

“We wouldn’t have the double standard of justice. We wouldn’t have the dual system of justice if we had an unbiased media that’s holding both sides accountable. That would be pointing out the injustice. But we don’t.”

The senator further contended that “we have a mainstream media that’s by-in-large populated by leftists that are advocates for the left. We want a free press that holds both sides equally accountable – that’s not what we have today.”

His comments follow testimony by two Internal Revenue Service whistleblowers accusing the agency of slow-walking a probe into Hunter Biden led by United States Attorney David C. Weiss of the District Court in Delaware.

Weiss has denied the claims and has since been selected by Attorney General Merrick Garland to lead a broader investigation into Hunter Biden’s shady foreign business dealings.

“Even under a Republican administration, these federal agencies have done a great job of insulating themselves from congressional oversight, from public scrutiny, [and] from [the] management of a Republican president.”

“It just shows you how incredibly deep the state is and how pervasive it truly is,” he continued. “And again, it’s populated by a bunch of leftists.”


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