Sen. Tuberville Urges Newsmax to Prioritize Discussions on Conflicts rather than Abortion Regulations

Sen. Tommy Tuberville, who has been blocking more than 300 military promotions because of his opposition to travel allowances for members of the military seeking abortions, told Newsmax Thursday that Democrats who are working on a proposal to circumvent his actions would be better off focusing on the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East that “their side, the Democrats, and Joe Biden have created.”

“They want to circumvent the rules in the Senate,” the Alabama Republican told Newsmax’s “Newsline.” “The only power you have in the minority is to be able to have holds on something to get the attention of the other side, whether it’s Republican or Democrat.”

But now, “they know I mean business when it comes to abortion in the military,” Tuberville added while accusing Democrats of wanting to change the Senate’s policy on legislative holds “midstream.”

“They didn’t give the American taxpayers an opportunity to have their representatives vote on this,” he said. “That’s all I want is a vote.”

Senate Democratic leaders are getting ready to send a resolution to the Rules Committee that would allow the promotions Tuberville has been blocking to be considered on the chamber’s floor as a whole, rather than one by one, as he has insisted, Punchbowl News reported.

The move would reduce the number of votes the Senate needs to approve the promotions, and would remain in effect for more than a year.

The resolution, according to sources, would still require upper-level promotions, such as for commanders or members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to undergo individual voting, and is referred to as a “standing order” rather than a permanent change in the rules. 

The measure is being led by Armed Services Committee Chair Jack Reed, D-R.I., and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, I-Ariz. 

It comes after Punchbowl News reported earlier this week that Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, has been preparing a cloture petition to force votes on the blocked military promotions. 

Meanwhile, Tuberville accused the White House of “playing dictator” to the United States. 

“This administration has screwed everything up on, in our country,” he said. “They’ve screwed everything up all over the world since they’ve been in. It’s a disaster, and they need to worry more about the things that affect the American people instead of worrying about the policies that they can change on a whim and others instead of sending it to Congress.”

Tuberville also spoke out about the call from President Biden for humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza, particularly while hostages are being held. 

“They’re probably doing everything they can to get hostages out,” but at the same time, Hamas is the elected government of the Palestinians, he said.

“There will be some money going to a little bit of aid, but the rest of it will be [going to Hamas],” Tuberville said. 

He also pointed out that there will be a “huge war over there” in the “very near future,” so the United States must protect Israel.

“We need to build up the Iron Dome,” he said. “Missiles are going to be flying everywhere in the next week or so, so anything that we send to the Palestinians will go to Hamas, which will arm them and make them a better army in terms of attacking and doing things that we don’t want them to do in the Middle East towards Israel.”


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