Sept. 28 Impeachment Inquiry Move Termed as a ‘Stunt’ by Newsmax

The White House is criticizing “extreme House Republicans” for scheduling an impeachment inquiry hearing just two days before a possible government shutdown.

In a statement to Newsmax, Ian Sams, White House spokesperson for Oversight & Investigations said: “Extreme House Republicans are already indicating their plans to try to distract from their own chaotic inability to govern and the impacts of it on the country.

“Staging a political stunt hearing in the waning days before they may shut down the government reveals their true priorities: to them, baseless personal attacks on President (Joe) Biden are more important than preventing a government shutdown and the pain it would inflict on American families.

“Their shutdown would hurt our economy and national security, furlough thousands of federal workers, and jeopardize everything from troop pay to disaster relief to efforts to fight fentanyl. They are clearly hoping they can use their baseless, evidence-free, impeachment stunt to try to divert attention away from the consequences of their extreme agenda, including their current funding proposal to slash tens of thousands of preschool slots nationwide and eliminate thousands of law enforcement jobs.

“House Republicans should drop these silly political Washington games and actually do their job to prevent a government shutdown.”

The House GOP’s first impeachment inquiry hearing has been scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 28. The House and Senate have until Sept. 30 to find a budget resolution and prevent a shutdown.

Jeffrey Rodack

Jeffrey Rodack, who has nearly a half century in news as a senior editor and city editor for national and local publications, has covered politics for Newsmax for nearly seven years.

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