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Speaker McCarthy: Democrats Acknowledge Border Policy as Ineffective

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said some Democrats finally are realizing that President Joe Biden’s failure to police the southern border has caused a national immigration crisis.

McCarthy’s office issued a Tuesday press release with the headline, “Finger-pointing and Frustration in New York.”

The release then led with a quote from New York City Democrat Mayor Eric Adams.

“Any plan that does not include stopping the flow at the border is a failed plan,” Adams said.

McCarthy’s press release said “Mayor Adams is right: ‘New York City deserves better.'”

“It’s time for New York’s very own Senator [Chuck] Schumer and his Senate Democrats to pass the Secure the Border Act to end this Biden-created crisis,” McCarthy’s press release said.

Adams’ comment might show that liberal Democrats finally are coming to terms with the reality of Biden’s migrant crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, McCarthy said.

“It has gotten so bad, even the leaders of Democrat strongholds like New York City and Massachusetts are throwing in the towel,” McCarthy’s release said. “They can’t handle the strain that the massive influx of people has had on their city and state.”

Adams early last month urged Biden to declare a state of emergency for the migrant crisis.

“While New York Democrats complain that it’s unfair for Biden’s open-border crisis to be New York’s problem, they’ve taken no action to actually solve the crisis,” McCarthy’s release said.

“Every single congressional Democrat voted against H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act. If enacted into law, this border security bill would immediately restart construction on the wall and hire more border patrol agents to stop the flow that has created the crisis throughout the country.”

The release also said New York state members of the House Republican conference recently wrote to Adams and Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul to say said their constituents should not “incur the financial and public safety burden” caused by the policy decisions of New York City’s elected officials.

The situation in New York has caused Adams to rebuke Hochul, who called for the sanctuary city to stop transporting its illegal migrants to other parts of the state.

“This is a real leadership moment,” said Adams, whose city has been trying to accommodate more than 100,000 illegal migrants. “And all those counties — we are the economic engine of this state. New York goes down, the entire state goes down.”

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