Sprawling Sabina Estate Listed for 58 Million Euros

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Just like there’s a season for all things, there are levels to everything. In real estate, there are many tiers of luxury, too. For instance, if you want 40 bedrooms, the world’s most famous rose garden, and the dream estate of a dreamer, you’ll pay top dollar. Or in the case of La Tenuta del Pascià (“The Estate of the Pasha”)—precisely 58 million euros ($65.6 million).

Pasha 31
The gorgeous rose garden, Vacunae Rosae, has no fewer than 5,000 varieties of roses, spread across 5 glorious acres. (Paola Panicola)

The vision of the pasha from Albania, Giorgio Mece, La Tenuta del Pascià began as a small 74-acre farm (30 hectares) outside the medieval village of Roccantica in the Sabina region northeast of Rome. Today, the 321-acre (130-hectare) estate’s houses, gardens, orchards, and nature fields surround an incomparable rose garden in the shape of an angel’s wing. Dedicated to Vacuna, the Sabina goddess of the woods, Vacunae Rosae has 5,000 varieties of the world’s rarest roses spread across five acres.

Pasha 4
The second floor atrium at La Limonaia reveals the level of detail and fine design of the Pasha’s vision for an events space. Every edifice of the estate flows with the natural beauty of its surroundings. (Paola Panicola)

Mece, who was the prefect of Durrës, Albania, before fascist forces invaded in a prelude to World War II, returned to Italy after the war, vowing to create his dream. The Pasha’s vision manifested in a setting of stunning natural and man-made spaces, including a restaurant, a unique forest with holm oaks, cypresses, and sequoias, vineyards, and even a space for treehouses.

Pasha 17
This aerial view of the estate shows its expansive, encompassing nature. (Paola Panicola)

Located in the heart of Sabina (named after the ancient Sabines, an Italic people), the estate has a stunning garden chalet, two spectacular swimming pools, centuries-old olive groves of more than 7,500 trees, tens of thousands of lavender plants, and even giant redwoods imported from North America. The Pascha’s private country house is Il Casale, a classic villa that melts into the landscape in flawless and historic style. The home has its own pool, four lavish bedrooms, a triple living room, and is decked out with stunning frescoes and antique furnishings that reflect a bygone era.

Pasha 3
La Limonaia is a lavish and massive venue for all manner of ceremonies and events. The two-story building has hosted state, private, corporate, and special events year-round. (Paola Panicola)

Across from Il Casale, Villa degli Ulivi sits at the foot of Monte Pizzuto and overlooks the rose garden. This villa houses a restaurant, a bar, a series of halls, and wonderfully decorated rooms, where unique heirlooms from all over the world are exhibited. There are also several large rooms for special events. In a corner of the rose garden, La Lomonaia is a 27,000-square-foot, two-story events hall, a grand ceremonial venue with an enormous kitchen and great rooms.

Pasha 2
The Pasha’s country villa is a romantic affair surrounded by nature. Tuscan in architecture, the spacious house is a blend of the ancient and modern. The Pasha brought detail after detail from abroad to furnish the home. (Paola Panicola)

This famous estate also has countless smaller farmhouses, a unique disco room, twin tennis courts, and numerous special agricultural features. Giorgio Mece’s marvelous estate is a place that almost defies description—a romantic but utilitarian fantasy he obviously wanted to share with the world.

pasha 1
The view out across the rose garden with Villa degli Ulivi and the forest in the distance. The property also has vegetable gardens, fountains, cattle grazing areas, and numerous expansive venues for events. (Paola Panicola)

La Tenuta del Pascià
Roccantica RI, Italy
58,000,000 euros

  • 40 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms
  • 107,639 square feet (10,000 square meters)
  • 321 acres (130 hectares)

Key Features:

  • The Roseto Vacunae Rosae (rose garden)
  • Pools and tennis courts
  • Vineyards, olive groves, farms
  • Exclusive villas and venues
  • A nature wonderland near Rome


Vittorio Savoia
Via Giuseppe Mercalli 3 – 00197 Rome
+39 392 0807611

Pasha 5
At one corner of the rose garden, a beautiful private suite and garden house is a perfect respite—a dream within a dream, so to speak. (Paola Panicola)
Pasha 7
A salon area of the fine restaurant at Villa degli Ulivi, with the rustic bar in the background. The villa hosts cultural, food, and nature events. It is on par with any five-star accommodation in the world. (Paola Panicola)
Pasha 26
Another surreal view from inside the estate. In the distance you see ancient Roccantica, a medieval town of about 550 residents. There you will find the Gothic churches of San Valentin and Santa Caterina. (Paola Panicola)
Pasha 15
One of the many out-buildings on the estate, in the wooded paradise that surrounds much of the property. (Paola Panicola)
Pasha 8
This aerial view of the estate shows it’s expansive, encompassing nature. (Paola Panicola)
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