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Staggs, the Romney Senate Challenger, receives endorsement from Moms for America

Moms for America put its endorsement behind Mayor Trent Staggs, who is challenging incumbent and first-term Republican Mitt Romney for his senate seat in Utah in 2024.

Staggs, the sitting mayor in Riverton, Utah, announced his candidacy in May. Romney, to this point, has remained mum about whether he plans to seek reelection. Romney turned 76 in March.

Moms for America positions itself as “a national movement of mothers to reclaim our culture for truth, family, freedom and the Constitution.”

Further, they are hawkish on parental rights, views that align very closely with Staggs.

“These rights are being violated in public schools through mask mandates, pornographic sex ed, and false race theory – endangering the physical, emotional, and social well being of our children,” the group writes on its website.

Staggs tweeted Monday that Riverton “will not comply if mask mandates come back.” And in April, Staggs confronted the Jordan School District over 100 books he deemed pornographic, demanding their removal from school libraries.

Staggs told Newsmax in an interview last month that he’s running because “Massachusetts doesn’t need a third senator.” Romney is the former governor of Massachusetts.

“Romney’s just so out of touch, he doesn’t understand why Republicans here in the state and across the country have shunned him,” Staggs told Newsmax.

Staggs also was endorsed by Utah’s largest police union in June.

Riverton is a city of about 45,000 people located near Salt Lake City.

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