Start the New Year With a New Look, With Help From Atlanta’s Top Interior Designers

By Hunter Boyce
From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The new year is a great time to redefine the look of your living space. To be sure you make the most of your decorating, we reached out to Atlanta’s top interior designers and they responded with some great advice.

The city’s top designers are keeping track of a number of trends for 2023. And while trends shouldn’t be the beginning and end of your own design plans, they can offer a lot of inspiration.

Interior Design Trends of 2023

“Adding color and large patterns are becoming fashionable again,” according to Johna R. Jamison, lead designer of Atlanta’s Nandina Home & Design. “I’m ready for vibrancy, especially as the world has opened back up. People are craving more energy in their spaces. Warmer wood tones like walnut and maple are really on trend for floors and cabinetry. They work well with both neutral and colorful palettes, making them a versatile option. Traditional patterns in textiles and wallpaper are making a comeback through modern textures and color palettes. They offer a sense of comfort and nostalgia in fresh, new ways.”

Caryn Grossman, founder of CG Interiors Group, a firm known for its use of bold colors, agreed that color trends are a major change for 2023.

“We’re relishing the fact that color continues to have an energizing impact,” Grossman said. “Whether it is through well-placed, jewel-like pieces within a more neutral backdrop or a room with bold color throughout, we see the use of bright and saturated tones being a big hit in 2023. (The color of the year, after all, is Viva Magenta, influencing everything from fashion to furniture).”

The Transformative Power of Texture

Studio 11 Design founder Kellie Sirna added that the new year is all about texture.

“In terms of what we can expect to see in 2023, this year it’s all about texture,” Sirna said. “Textured surfaces, furnishings and accessories will reign supreme as this element offers an easy way to layer in an additional dynamic to a space. Expect to see edges and crisp corners become softened via arches and curved doorways, further contributing to the curation of cocoon-like interiors. Finally, Japandi and biophilic design aesthetics are absolutely here to stay.”
She also cautioned readers to not follow trends too closely.

“Trends can provide a great source of inspiration, particularly for those new to design, though I always caution clients to avoid upending an entire home or aesthetic in favor of the most in vogue color or style,” Sirna said. “Great design requires balance between both trendy and timeless features to ensure consistent relevance.”

Catherine Wilson, of Atlanta’s Catherine Wilson Interiors, said paint and wallpaper will be used in creative ways this year.

“Dramatic paint coupled with wallpaper on the walls, and of course ceilings, makes rooms come to life,” she said.

“Depending on the design of the wallpaper you can lean more whimsical, moody, classic or dramatic. There’s nothing like wallpaper to complete a room. If you are not feeling bold then select grass cloths, corks, and muted fabric weave to get your wallpaper fix.”

How to Revitalize Spaces on a Tight Budget

Once you’ve got plenty of inspiration, the next challenge is achieving your design goals on a reasonable budget. While they’re used to working with bigger budgets, many of the designers we reached out to said you can still make big changes without breaking the bank.

According to Kristin Kong of K Kong Designs, the key to a good redesign is focus.

“Everyone loves a fresh start in the new year,” she said. “Consider focusing on a high-functioning area of the home, such as the laundry or mud room, and elevate your space to create efficiency and functionality in the new year. Add sophisticated lighting and a favorite art piece to create a room you never want to leave!”

Nandina Home & Design’s Johna R. Jamison said a fresh coat of paint can go a long way when it comes to designing a living space.

“Paint is always the most cost-effective way to make a dramatic change,” she said. “Whether it’s repainting the whole room or accenting a small space with color, paint instantly freshens up a space. Displaying personal items in unexpected or more visible ways and complementing them with pillows and other accessories is another great budget-friendly approach to create a new look.”

CG Interiors Group’s Caryn Grossman doubled down by expressing the power a quality accent wall can have on a space.

“Your home is self-expression at its finest,” Grossman said. “If there’s a color you love, try painting an accent wall, or better yet, the ceiling. Add accessories in that color, editing out things that no longer fit. Pull out a favorite collection or antique and put it on display. Mix and match. Visit used furniture stores, antique markets, even thrift stores or salvage yards. Don’t be afraid to experiment.”

Kellie Sirna of Studio 11 Design added that swapping around furniture costs nothing—yet it has a huge impact on your living space.

“You can freshen up a space by reconfiguring existing furniture, and adding or subtracting pieces, even pulling from other rooms within your home. Incorporating seasonal plants and greenery is another great way to brighten a room and shift its aesthetic without breaking the bank.”

Whatever your intentions for your living space, Catherine Wilson of Catherine Wilson Interiors said that the most important part of redesigning your space is a plan.

“No matter how much you are going to spend, start with a big-picture plan,” she said. “If you buy piecemeal you will buy and buy again. Know what your overall plan is for a room. Then if you are unable to execute the entire plan all at the same time, you can gradually check off one item at a time. Ultimately, you will reach your end game of a truly complete and cohesive room. After you have your key pieces, buy a wonderful coordinating throw for snuggling under on these cold evenings. Also, a candle to produce calming scents and a bouquet of fresh flowers do wonders to make a room feel more special.”

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