Suspect Detained After 4 Chinese Nationals Found ‘Executed’ in Oklahoma: Authorities

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Police have arrested a suspect after four Chinese nationals were killed at a marijuana farm in Kingfisher County, Okla., on Sunday.

In a statement on Facebook on Tuesday, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) said that suspect Wu Chen, 45, was arrested in Florida by officers with Miami Beach, Florida Police Department just before 4 p.m. that day in connection with the quadruple homicide.

Police arrested Chen “without incident” after a license plate reader flagged the vehicle he was driving, authorities said.

He was taken to the Miami-Dade County Detention Center, where he is expected to face charges of murder and shooting with intent to kill, officials said.

The suspect is currently awaiting extradition to Oklahoma.

Victims Were ‘Executed’

Chen’s arrest comes after four Chinese nations—three men and one woman—were “executed” at a marijuana growing operation in a rural area roughly 55 miles (90 kilometers) northwest of Oklahoma City on Sunday.

A fifth Chinese national was wounded in the incident and was airlifted to a nearby hospital, according to a statement from police.

Police said that the suspect had entered the building at approximately 5:45 p.m. on Sunday while several employees were inside. The suspect spent a “significant amount of time” inside the building before he opened fire, they said.

Law enforcement responded to the situation after receiving an “initial call of a hostage situation,” the statement said.

Based on the investigation so far, the killings do not appear to be random, police said, adding that notifying the victim’s next of kin was still “pending” due to “a significant language barrier.”

OSBI Capt. Stan Florence said on Monday that investigators believe the suspect knew the victims.

“They all know each other,” Florence said. “Don’t know if they’re related or if they’re coworkers, but certainly these individuals were, we believe, all familiar with each other.”

Medical marijuana has been legal in Oklahoma since 2018.

However, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics is investigating whether the growing operation was legal and had a valid license to do so, a spokesperson for the agency confirmed to NBC News.

Multiple agencies were involved in the investigation into the four deaths and the apprehension of the suspect.

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