Texas Lieutenant Governor Accuses Obama-Led ‘Deep State’ of Setting Up Biden

Texas Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said Friday that President Joe Biden is being set up by “the Democrat deep state run by Barack Obama” for the purpose of getting Biden removed from the ballot to pave the way for Michelle Obama to be “the likely nominee.”

Patrick made the comments in a post to X, formerly Twitter, on Friday, 24 hours after a special counsel absolved Biden in his classified documents case but described him as “an elderly man with a poor memory” who, during the investigation, couldn’t remember when his son Beau died.

Biden then went on to hold a prime-time press briefing, excoriating special counsel Robert Hur, author of the 388-page report, while insisting that his memory is fine. He soon after mixed up Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi as the president of Mexico.

“It’s clear the Democrat deep state run by Barack Obama knew they had to take him down to give them a chance in November. They set him up in the report calling him a ‘sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,'” Patrick wrote.

“They could have protected him by putting him in the Oval Office to read a statement with no press questions. Instead, they sent him out and fed him to a press — where he was a total embarrassment,” he added.

“He doesn’t have a memory and (VP) Kamala (Harris) doesn’t have a brain. Now they have a real problem,” Patrick wrote.

Myriad conservative pundits have posited the past few months that Michelle Obama is who Democrats want on the ballot this November in an 11th-hour switch.

GOP contender Nikki Haley opined Friday that Democrats are well on their way ousting Biden.

“I have long said the first party to retire its 80-year-old candidate will win the White House. Democrats appear on their way to doing just that.”

While she didn’t mention Michelle Obama, Haley asserted that GOP front-runner Donald Trump “would get crushed by a Democrat with a pulse.”

Republican strategist Karl Rove said Wednesday it’s “pure lunacy” to suggest Michelle Obama will be the Democrat candidate in the general election, calling it “a weird obsession of the conspiratorial right.”

However, Rove doesn’t think Biden will be the candidate either, suggesting Biden will step aside at the Democratic Party convention to “let somebody else go against Donald Trump.”

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