The Clarity Brought by Oct. 7th

The terrorist attacks against Israel on Oct. 7 brought a lot of things into focus in American politics.

The response to these attacks has been both eye-opening and clarifying in terms of highlighting the breadth of antisemitism in our country and revealing where people stand.

We’ve seen students and staff on college campuses rally in support of Palestinian terrorists with student groups openly supporting Hamas, college faculty offering extra credit to students who attend pro-Palestinian events, and college administrators doing little to make their Jewish students feel safe.

What little these administrators have said to denounce the protests has been weak tea, and usually only after donors threaten to close their checkbooks, (which should give us a hint about what allows such ignorance to thrive in the first place).

We’ve seen “mainstream” media outlets that are quick to report the Hamas party line, but slow to give Israel the benefit of the doubt on much of anything without triple-notarized receipts.

The Associated Press has even updated its style guide to avoid the terms “terrorism and terrorists,” saying that they have “become politicized,” and further insists on referring to Hamas as “militants,” “fighters,” “attackers,” or “combatants.”

And now we’re seeing how it is increasingly putting Democrats at odds with greater numbers of Americans that used to constitute part of their base of support.

Leading voices among Congressional Democrats have accused Israel of ethnic cleansing and genocide and are demanding that the Biden administration call for a cease-fire. The National Muslim Democrat Council recently threatened to work against Biden in battleground states in 2024 unless he forces a cease-fire on the Israeli government.

And after Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders (who caucuses with Democrats) tweeted a simple recognition of the fifth anniversary of the attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, where 11 Jewish worshipers were killed, what followed was a deluge of antisemitic and often vile responses from leftists and even many self-avowed former Bernie supporters.

Even Biden’s own spokesperson hesitated to call evil by its real name. When Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about any concern for the outbreak of antisemitism, she pivoted to concerns over Islamophobia. When politicians show you who they are, believe them.

It’s instructive to note that much of the left had greater outrage over whether you ventured out in public during COVID than over Israelis being tortured, raped, and killed, and babies being beheaded in Israel.

Is this what they mean by the “tolerant left?”

All of this should help clarify who truly supports western civilization vs. barbarism, not to mention our most reliable Middle Eastern ally — and the only truly democratic government in the region — Israel.

It should clarify that so much of what passes for academia does precious little to instruct young minds in the skills that they need to succeed in life, much less in the principles that made America great, and instead promotes hatred of our country and its founding principles.

This is the kind of garbage that finds a home in places that promote “critical theory” and “intersectionality” — which is shorthand for hating America and western civilization in general.

It’s what happens when we encourage people to be hyphenated-Americans, rather than Americans, and to resent the culture that gave birth to the freedoms that we enjoy.

It’s cultural rot, and as the saying goes, politics is downstream of culture.

The Biden Administration and the Democrat Party in general are committed to supporting these root problems — multi-culturalism, anti-American/anti-western ideologies, and a borderless society that helps them flourish.

That’s what so-called progressivism does. It doesn’t build, it destroys.

And keep in mind that all of this comes into sharper relief because Palestinian terrorists murdered over 1,200 Jews in cold blood. Clarifying indeed.

(Drew McKissick is Republican State Chairman of South Carolina)

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