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Top US Officials Testify on UFOs; Inflation Higher Than Projected

In the first open hearing on UFOs in more than 50 years, what did top Pentagon officials say and not say to the American public? Plus, how does it relate to our national security?

With true inflation likely much higher than the 8.3 percent number released by the government, how are the folks in California, one of the country’s most expensive states, coping with rising prices? California Congresswoman Michelle Steel joins us to discuss.

You might not have known that thousands of men who risked their lives during World War II were never recognized as veterans. Now, Congress is rewarding medals to those Americans who risked their lives 77 years ago.

The Buffalo shooting suspect is behind bars and the families who lost loved ones continue to reel from this senseless act. Were there warning signs and how can these tragedies be prevented from happening in the future?

The FDA is authorizing a third vaccine shot against COVID-19 for children 5 to 11. On Tuesday the agency approved the Pfizer booster for the age group.

Hispanics are coming out to vote for Republicans in record numbers, and now Republican leadership is taking action to make further inroads in the Hispanic community.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned Europe about trade with China and is urging unity.

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