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OAN’s Brooke Mallory
2:45 PM – Thursday, June 20, 2024

Police said on Wednesday that the transgender individual who was initially accused of killing his parents at their Utah home has now acknowledged the crimes and even asserted that he would carry them out again if he could.


Collin Troy Bailey, 28, who also goes by the name “Mia,” is a biological man who identifies as a transgender woman.

After a 12-hour search the previous evening, when police received a report about a loud shooting at a residence where a man and a woman were found dead, law enforcement officers discovered 28-year-old Collin Troy Bailey on Wednesday “in a field of weeds.”

Two counts of aggravated murder, one count of attempted aggravated murder, seven counts of discharging a pistol, and one case of aggravated burglary were brought against Bailey.

The victims, named Gail Bailey, 69, and Joseph Bailey, 70, were the perpetrator’s parents.

According to police records, Bailey told police, “I would do it again; I hate them,” indicating that he had no remorse or regrets about murdering his two parents.

A police booking affidavit stated that Bailey admitted to authorities that he went to his parents’ house solely with the intention of killing them.

According to neighbors familiar with the family who spoke with the police, there was a lot of “volatility and bad vibes” in that family.

“Multiple family members told police that they were afraid of him,” according to the Daily Wire.

It has also been reported that during the murders, Bailey’s brother locked himself and his spouse in a bedroom in order to be safe.

A booking document states that Bailey then fired shots toward the locked bedroom and told police officers that he didn’t care whatsoever if he killed his brother.

He also told authorities that after he broke into the house, he shot his mother three times and shot his father in the head as soon as he approached him. Soon after, in order to confirm that his parents were dead, he went back and shot them both in the head once more.

“Mia [Collin] describes jumping fences or walls, hiding in bushes, sleeping in a park bathroom, and other efforts to elude law enforcement,” police said in the document. “Mia bragged about [his] ability to avoid the efforts of law enforcement to locate [him], including evading officers, hiding from helicopters, and hiding from drones.”

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