Trump: Accuses Biden of Accepting Foreign Cash and Getting ‘Hands Dirty’

The U.S. auto industry is “being assassinated” by President Joe Biden, former President Donald Trump told Michigan’s blue-collar workers and United Autoworkers (UAW) union members in a stump speech Wednesday night.

“The only time Joe Biden has ever gotten his hands dirty is when he’s taking cash from foreign countries, which is quite often actually,” Trump told the crowd in Clinton Township, Michigan, in a speech that aired live and in its entirety on Newsmax just before the start of the second Republican presidential primary debate.

“You know we’re competing with the job candidates,” Trump joked. “They don’t have a crowd like we have.”

Trump used the start of the House GOP impeachment inquiry against Biden to trash his chief political rival to the blue-collar workers of Michigan, a key presidential campaign battleground state for 2024.

“Joe Biden only cares about enriching his own family,” Trump said. “I care about enriching your family. That’s why I did this. I’m working for you. Not for me, that is for sure. And I always will. I will always have your back. I promise you that I will always have your back.”

Trump denounced the “radical Democrats, fascists, Marxists” for destroying American jobs, the American economy, and the American family.

“After eight long years of Obama and Biden you finally got a president who stood up to the  people that hate you,” Trump continued. “They hate you — or they maybe hate our country. But I stood up for you. I stood up for the auto workers and stood up for the great state of Michigan, like nobody’s ever stood up before.”

Trump vowed to return to the White House and not only drain the swamp, but “swamp” Democrats in the state of Michigan.

“We’re going to swamp them,” he said. “Crooked Joe Biden … his back is like a wretched old vulture trying to finish off his prey.”

Trump vowed to “save the American auto industry from extinction.”


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