Trump Accuses Indictment to Be Motivated by His Leading Position

Repeating a common refrain, former President Donald Trump said the weaponization of justice against him is all a function of Democrats’ efforts to keep him from the White House.

“If I was in third or fourth place, or if I wasn’t running — I’d be living the life of Riley — I wouldn’t be here with you tonight, but I’d be living the life, beautiful houses all over the place,” Trump told the South Dakota GOP convention Friday night in a speech that aired live and in its entirety on Newsmax.

“I’d be living a beautiful life. They wouldn’t indict me. They indicted me because I’m in first place.”

The polling lead Trump has boasted in the Republican primary — and even against incumbent President Joe Biden in a hypothetical general election — might be a curse and cause for Democrats to seek to weaponize justice against their leading political opponent, Trump warned.

“I hate to read those good polls here because every time I read a good poll they want to indict me again,” Trump lamented. “Maybe I should announce, ‘I’m doing horribly; it’s horrible, I’m going to withdraw.”

It is election interference against anyone related to Trump, he added.

“Their goal is to interfere with elections in order to make it harder for Republicans and conservatives to win,” he said.

It is time for congressional Republicans to get “tough,” particularly against the weakness of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., Trump said.

“I hope the Senate gets tough because the House has been working hard, but the Senate under this guy Mitch McConnell has been a disaster,” he continued.

“And they should immediately defund the DOJ and prosecutors who are trying to take conservatives and Republicans out of political races through indictments and other illegal means.

“That’s what they’re doing.”


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Eric Mack

Eric Mack has been a writer and editor at Newsmax since 2016, starting on the first night of the Republican National Convention. He is a 1998 Syracuse University journalism graduate and a New York Press Association award-winning writer.

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