Trump Asks Iowa Crowd to Back Exceptions in Abortion Bans

Former President Donald Trump stated on Wednesday that Republicans may struggle to win elections if they do not support exceptions to abortion bans.

“Without the exceptions, it is very difficult to win elections. We would probably lose majorities [in Congress] in 2024 without the exceptions and perhaps the presidency itself,” Trump said at a rally in Iowa.

Trump urged supporters to “follow your heart” regarding their positions on the exceptions, but emphasized that Republicans still “have to win elections.” He expressed the need for the GOP to improve its messaging on the issue and highlight the Democrats’ radical stance.

Trump also observed that Republican candidates have been “clobbered” due to their inability to address the abortion issue effectively, and that it likely harmed the GOP in the 2022 midterm elections.

“In order to win in 2024, Republicans must learn how to properly talk about abortion,” Trump emphasized.

“We have to expose the Democrats … as being the true radicals. They’re the radicals. Pro-lifers aren’t the radicals,” Trump added.

Jeremy Frankel

Jeremy Frankel is a Newsmax writer reporting on news and politics. 

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