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Trump Attorney Tacopina to Newsmax: Indictment Sign Rule of Law Is Dying

Joe Tacopina, a defense attorney for former President Donald Trump, told Newsmax on Thursday night a reported 30-count indictment handed down by a Manhattan grand jury against his client is a sign “the rule of law is dying.”

“Today in the United States of America is a very, very bad day for true libertarians, true lovers of the Constitution because today the rule of law died,” Tacopina told “Greg Kelly Reports.”

“When we start going after people who are political opponents who we don’t like — and [Manhattan District Attorney] Alvin Bragg made it clear in his campaign, that he’s going after Trump, before he became the DA; he’s financed by the far left. Donald Trump obviously is on the opposite of that spectrum.

“When we start going after people and then trying to find a crime, we liken ourselves to the days of Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Communist China. It’s what we never did in this country. But it’s a sad, sad day.”

Trump became the first former U.S. president to face criminal charges when a grand jury empaneled by Bragg in January voted to indict him on charges regarding a $130,000 payment former Trump attorney Michael Cohen paid to porn actress Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election to silence her about an alleged affair she had with Trump in 2006. Trump has repeatedly denied having an affair with Daniels.

Tacopina said Trump will be arraigned in New York, likely on Tuesday, although he said all the details haven’t been worked out, and that Trump will plead not guilty. He said the arraignment could be done virtually without the former president attending court in person.

“But the district attorney doesn’t want that,” he said. “They would lose their opportunity for their perp walk, for their display, for their dog and pony show. Everything they’ve done in this case has been about getting glorification for their position and trying to embarrass Donald Trump.”

He said whether the president would be put in handcuffs is up to his Secret Service detail, “and the Secret Service won’t allow that, so that’s not going to happen.”

Tacopina said he has never been so angry in his 32-year career as a prosecutor and defense attorney after he was told about the indictment.

“I feel so angry today because I know what the law is,” he said. “And I know all the facts of this case and they don’t equal a crime. Not a misdemeanor or a felony.

“This is a case that was dead. Everyone said that. No one took this case up. [Federal Election Commission] commissioners have said there’s no crime here. But yet they are trying to fit this square peg into a round hole to achieve some political agenda by some people who should not be involved in the justice system.”

Tacopina said even though the threat of an indictment seemed to improve Trump’s poll numbers, there is no reason to extend the case any longer than is needed.

“I want to get rid of this case tomorrow,” Tacopina said. “He’s a human being. He’s the toughest human being I know, but he’s a human being, nonetheless. And he shouldn’t be under false charges for [one] day more than he has to be.

“Let’s get rid of this case. And then you know, he moves on, does what he does.”


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