Trump Criticizes GOP Senator Romney Following Retirement Announcement

Former President Donald Trump celebrated the retirement announcement of Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, with exuberance, hailing it as “FANTASTIC NEWS FOR AMERICA” in a post on his Truth Social account Wednesday.

Romney, who is 76, announced Wednesday his decision not to seek reelection, prompting Trump to take to the social media platform to express his jubilation. Trump unmistakably conveyed his assessment of Senator Romney’s Senate tenure in his social media post, asserting that Romney “did not serve with distinction.”

In a characteristic all-caps message, Trump not only praised the development as beneficial for the nation, the state of Utah, and the Republican Party but also playfully alluded to Romney’s previous online pseudonym, “Pierre Delecto,” which the senator had employed on platforms such as X and Twitter to interact with content critical of Trump, Politico reported.

Should Romney have chosen to seek reelection, it was widely anticipated that he would confront a primary challenge. In June, a Deseret News poll revealed that among Republicans, 47% identified more closely with the faction aligned with Trump, while 39% leaned towards supporting Romney.

The data underscores the ongoing ideological divide within the Republican Party, with Trump’s influence continuing to hold sway among a significant portion of its base in Utah.

“A big primary fight against him was in the offing, but now that will not be necessary. Congrats to all. Make America great again!” Trump wrote, according to The Hill.

Romney cast votes to convict Trump during both Senate impeachment trials. This highlighted the enduring and contentious relationship between the two political figures.

Romney’s reputation for adopting a more moderate legislative stance and his willingness to engage in bipartisan cooperation often served as a counterbalance to the prevailing tenets of Trump politics within the Republican Party.

Romney’s decision not to seek reelection signifies a conclusion to his extensive political career. Before assuming his Senate seat in 2019, Romney secured the Republican Party’s nomination for the presidential race in 2012 and previously held the position of Governor in Massachusetts.

Jim Thomas

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