Univ of California Concedes to Health Freedom

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Here is the latest victory in our fight for health freedom. I summarize below the three rounds that we fought before that outcome.

May the following information serve all those whose human rights are threatened or violated.

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People from all over the US, and sometimes internationally, have requested that I write medical exemptions from COVID vaccines.  I never refuse this request, because I don’t want to be an accomplice to a poisoning, and I discuss some thoughts about that here.

My prior medical exemptions for students and staff at various universities, including University of California usually worked right away, with a few exceptions, in which we went to Round 2 or even 3, and then won.  Usually, U of C did not push back, and those exemptions were usually not disputed by the administrative personnel receiving them.  Pleased patients then informed us that their medical exemptions had been acknowledged and accepted by the administration. I am so happy about these individuals’ human rights prevailing, and their ability to pursue education without having to succumb to forced medical treatments.

However, I have one quibble.  Medical exemption from any unwanted medical procedure is a right to bodily autonomy assured, I believe, by the US Constitution and basic human decency.  (I am not an attorney, so that opinion plus 3 dollars 5 dollars can buy you a cup of coffee.)  But also here is a trove of case law on bodily autonomy of US citizens.  In other words, I consider the medical exemption that I write for an individual to be irrevocable except by that individual (or parent / guardian), and not subject to the capricious veto of a bureaucrat who wants to practice forced medicine.

Then the draconian California AB 2098 was signed into law, on September 30 of this year, which threatened healthcare providers with possible loss of license for writing medical exemptions.

After that, I received another request for a medical exemption from a University of California student.  This one was harder to get through to completion.  Our fight went to three rounds, and then this week, we learned that we won, and the happy news that this student’s medical exemption was accepted by the administration, as seen in the above photo of the U of C confirmation message.

Here is what worked.

First, I wrote a medical exemption, with language that I typically use:

Medically exempt from ALL COVID vaccines, due to known and proven risks of severe injury.

Please note that I do not cite personal medical history of the person seeking exemption (unless requested by the individual).  I consider that to be a potential violation of his / her privacy right under HIPAA.  More importantly, there is throughout the world sufficient proof that the COVID vaccines are indeed poisonous, with the largest body of indisputable evidence of cardiovascular damage which we have known for nearly two years, suffered by uncounted (maybe uncountable) recipients of these vaccines.  I have testified in court cases as medical expert witness regarding these effects, and so far, we have won every case, except one in which one of the plaintiffs then decided to become vaccinated, in which case my arguments became moot for that individual.

In other words, my patients have the right not to be poisoned.  The medical exemption that I write identifies that unwanted medical intervention and asserts medical protection against their being inflicted with it.  It seems straightforward to me that the burden is on the vaccine advocates to prove that the injection that they attempt to mandate is not hazardous.

This time, post- California AB 2098, the university chose to push back, and stated that they wanted the medical exemption to be written only by a MD, DO or NP, because it should be written by a licensed medical professional.  They also grumbled that I am out-of-state.

I then wrote a letter to the university administrator, pointing out that I have been a licensed medical professional for 16 years, and that patients have a right to choose their healthcare providers as they please, even if out-of-state.

The university then said that they still rejected the medical exemption, and that there was little time left for my patient to get injected.

So I wrote this letter to the University of California, and copied it to my patient.  In less than a week of the university’s receipt of this letter, my patient received the above message showing success in having his / her medical exemption recognized. For ease of reading this letter, I put it in larger type for this article.

I assert no copyright to any of the following letter, so if you see some language there, that you and your attorney like, please help yourself, or edit as needed to suit. Consider this article to be that permission, and may you use it in good health.

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