US ‘Strongly’ Rejects WTO Ruling on Trump Tariffs

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The White House is rejecting a World Trade Organization ruling and vowing to keep a set of Trump-era tariffs in place.

The Biden administration is on the defense after giving $200 million to a company with ties to Beijing.

Celebrations kicked off for International Human Rights Day. Groups marked the occasion with protests in Chicago and in Germany.

Fever clinics in Beijing are seeing 16 times more patients this week than last. We zoom in on the city as it lessens some of its zero-COVID-19 rules.

Jimmy Lai is set to spend more than five years in prison. But did fraud put the Hong Kong tycoon behind bars, or a violation of press freedom?

Topics in this episode:

  1. U.S. ‘Strongly’ Rejects WTO Ruling on Trump Tariffs
  2. White House Defends $200M Grant to Firm with China Ties
  3. U.S. Officials Visit China, Prepare for Blinken Trip
  4. Chicago Group Protests CCP’s Human Rights Violations
  5. Nuremberg Rally Appeals for Human Rights, Decades-Long Persecution of Falun Gong Highlighted
  6. A Cautious Response as China Eases Zero-COVID-19 Policy
  7. Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Tycoon Jimmy Lai Sentenced to 5+ Years in Jail
  8. Japanese Official Calls for Boosted Defense Spending
  9. African Leaders Arrive for U.S. Summit
  10. Different Scenarios Could Lead to the End of the Chinese Regime: Thayer

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