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Voight Tells Newsmax: KGB’s Success in Dividing US by Eliminating God

The goal of the Soviet KGB in the 1960s was to take God out of the public square, with the goal of dividing Americans, actor Jon Voight told Newsmax Tuesday.

“I’ve seen enormous change in this country and it’s all been quite disturbing,” Voight told “Rob Schmitt Tonight.”

Voight added that, during the 1960s, when he was trying to become an actor, the agenda of the KGB was to “divide the citizens of the United States through the press, through the schools, take God out of the schools, and divide the country by race and age and gender.”

“They certainly have accomplished this, in this rather short period of time,” Voight said.

The country has drifted toward Marxism, Voight continued, and said that the engine of the Marxists, what gives them guidance, is “certainly not God.”

“So we have a lot of atheism that’s coming forth,” Voight said.


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