Watchdog Launches Probe Into Actions of Police in 8 BC Departments

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British Columbia’s police complaint commissioner has set off an investigation into the conduct of 19 officers from eight separate police departments.

A statement from the commissioner says the serious nature of the alleged misconduct means it will seek the appointment of a special provincial constable to complete an investigation independent of any B.C. police agencies.

The commissioner’s office says a number of concerns were identified during an undercover training course last month, that included officers from several B.C. municipal police and other agencies.

The statement says the conduct of some of the officers while performing various physical acts in the scenarios caused concern that the actions could be defined as misconduct under the Police Act.

The office says the Independent Investigations Unit of Manitoba will be the investigating agency and arrangements between the provinces are being finalized.

Chief Const. John Lo of the West Vancouver Police Department has been appointed as the discipline authority, although the commission points out that the allegations have not been proven against any of the officers.

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