Whitaker’s Response to Newsmax: Left’s Legal Maneuvers to Hinder Trump are Bound to Fail

The left is attempting to prevent former President Donald Trump from campaigning by using legal attacks against him, but this strategy will not be successful, according to former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, who spoke on Newsmax Sunday. 

“These cases will likely continue until 2024,” said Whitaker, who served under Trump, on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “I don’t know if any of them will go to trial before then, but if they do, from what I’ve observed, the president has a strong legal team in each case. He has skilled lawyers defending him in various jurisdictions.”

Whitaker added that Trump’s supporters recognize that he is a fighter who will not be distracted by attempts to disqualify him from the ballot or deter him from campaigning. “He will continue to fight. I believe many Iowans and Americans have great respect for that,” he stated.

In the meantime, Trump, along with 18 additional defendants, is facing RICO act indictments in Georgia. He is organizing fundraisers to aid in their legal defense, a move that Whitaker described as “very generous of his time, especially in the midst of a presidential race.”

Furthermore, Trump has stated that he plans to testify in his Georgia trial, which will be televised. Whitaker emphasized that it is Trump’s constitutional right to testify and share his story. “In cases involving First Amendment-protected speech and political speech, it is vital for that story to be told,” he explained. “The final decision on whether he will take the stand will be made by his legal team and the president as the cases progress and if they determine that it is not necessary. Typically, this decision is made right before presenting the case to the jury.”

Whitaker also anticipates that there will be appeals even prior to the commencement of the trials due to some of the issues being raised, particularly related to “innovative legal applications and the stretching of the law beyond its limits.”

For example, he mentioned Georgia’s racketeering charges, the attempt to elevate misdemeanor offenses in New York to felonies, and the utilization of the Espionage Act against Trump by special counsel Jack Smith. “Each case will present a unique circumstance for the appeals court, should it be brought to them, and they will likely approach these prosecutors’ extensive use of these laws with skepticism,” Whitaker projected.


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