Why We Cry and How It Helps Us

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For me, it’s SPCA commercials or any ad for the local animal shelter. Before I can reach the remote and change the channel, I’m choking back tears at the sight of some forlorn animal—and then the dam breaks, leaving me a sobbing mess. Crying is something few of us think about until we are in the midst of it. But crying because something has affected us, touching us in some profound way, is more significant than many of us may realize. In Chinese medicine, crying is an important release. Crying allows us to express emotions that would otherwise get trapped in the body and, if left long enough, lead to disease. A concept called stagnation explains this and works on two levels. Stagnation exists on both an energetic and physical level. Stagnation is a significant cause of disease, and emotional stagnation is no exception. Crying is one of the ways …

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