Abandon the immigration crisis in Delaware

Big Apple full of bad apples

ROSES are red

Violets are blue

Stick migrants in Delaware

To pee and poo.

Soon they may even refuse to sponge on this historically, culturally, financially, theatrically greatest city on the planet — NYC. Where everyone wants to come.

Or did.

That was before its officials effed it up and it has now lost its way.

This state’s Democratic ex-cabdriver judge, a confirmed progressive who is into pop culture, and ruled against Donald for three years? His background is playing in a rock band, protesting the Vietnam War, now hustling a screenplay he wrote, and in this career twilight is posing for photos in his chambers. Who — screw the law books — also states he sticks his “emotions” into his decisions.

And was quoted saying “I’m going to protect my staff . . . Anybody can run for president.”

Yeah? How about Mike Pence, Ron DeSantis, Robert F Kennedy Jr., Vivek Ramaswamy? How about Hillary? Also, in 1860, Stephen Douglas, John Breckinridge and John Bell, all of whom who ran against Abraham Lincoln? Also maybe Nikki?

Whatthehell’s happened to what was this A-No. 1 best terrific city in the universe? People in poverty with the highest tax state in the country? Prosecutors ignoring crime? Someone shot in the subway?

Yeah, so OK. Can’t stop crime because the police are too busy learning penmanship.

Our city has rules. Spitting’s illegal but pot, guns, killing, stabbing, soon maybe gambling — plus robbing, stealing, raping, assaulting? Fine — just don’t bother the DA who’s busy trimming his nose and chin hair.

And this screw you comes straight from our elected officials to businessmen like Donald. So, better don’t open in NYC. Just sing “Over hill over dale, we will hit the crappy trail as those migrants keep rolling along.”

Wait another 10 days and New York turns into Forrest City, Ark.

He’s a Village man of the people

STILL, in some whisper of aulde New York, there’s Monte’s Trattoria in the Village. MacDougal Street. Jammed. People always waiting for tables. In from Italy 40 years ago, owner Pietro Mosconi greets customers in his white chef’s uniform. One night he handed out roses — plus his special homemade bread — to customers to take home.

Battle royal

FAMOUS Brit author Lady Colin Campbell who just quoted me on YouTube knows the royals better than I know my dentist. She says: The Harry Meghan thing “will BACKFIRE. It’s push and pull. They are failures.” Also: It’s end of the line for Harry as he faces “a test” to keep the king’s condition quiet. Also: “Harry has NO CHANCE of taking on royal duties.”

THERE’s all sorts of books on marriage. Like, “How To Make Your Marriage Work.” Then there’s the one HRH Prince Dodo needs to read. It’s titled: “How To Make That Ego You Married Shut Her Mouth.”

Only in Britannia and California, kids, only in Britannia and California — and New York — if they hustle here.

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