Activists’ Indifference towards Warming Evident in US Open Climate Protest

It’s time for a new word: “protestwit.” How better to describe the increasingly delusional climate loons?

The latest: Sayak Mukhopadhyay, who joined several other green freaks in interrupting a US Open match between American Coco Gauff and Czech Karolina Muchova with chants of “No tennis on a dead planet” — then glued his bare feet to the stadium floor.

Sayak justified his, and his Extinction Rebellion buddies’, actions by telling The Post: “If we don’t take drastic action soon, tennis will not be playable by the time” Gauff retires.

At 19, Gauff likely has another 20 years of playing time.

There is zero — literally zero — meaningful data suggesting that climate change is going to render the world so apocalyptically uninhabitable in the next two decades that “tennis will not be playable.”

Even more insanely, Mukhopadhyay interpreted Gauff’s diplomatic complaints about the interruption as “support” for his bizarre crusade.

Look: Climate change poses real risks, but slow-moving ones.

And mitigating them requires innovation — as well as recognition that carbon-based fuels are going to be essential for a long time, especially in the developing world.

People truly concerned about climate risks would be ceaselessly and loudly advocating for nuclear-power buildout, for transitioning developing economies from coal to much cleaner natural gas and other rational adjustments.

And advocating in an adult manner, not via stupid stunts like messing with tennis matches, attacking famous works of art and sabotaging commutes.

Proving that he only talks to his fellow apocalypse-addicts, Mukhopadhyay insists no climate efforts are “as effective as communicating directly to the public by going to public institutions like museums and sporting arenas.”

Yes, those ploys win headlines — while stirring up anger against the green movement.

That the Extinction crew and similar outfits devote their lives to these pointless publicity stunts tells you what twits they really are.

They don’t care about dealing with climate risk; they just love the media attention.

As with so much of lefty politics today, it’s all theater.

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