Adams and Hochul Secure a Victory for NYC’s Future with Brooklyn Marine Terminal Deal

Mayor Adams and Gov. Hochul just secured a significant victory for the city, with benefits anticipated in the long run.

The mayor and governor reached an agreement with Port Authority, a deal that previous leaders like Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg could not achieve, to finally revitalize the long neglected Brooklyn Marine Terminal.

The development is expected to bring housing, green spaces, shops, and more.

The 122-acre waterfront site is prime real estate on the water, but disagreements among city, state, and PA leaders hindered previous deals, leading to disrepair in parts of the port.

In return for handing over the space to the city, Port Authority will gain full control of the Howland Hook Marine Terminal on Staten Island.

The revitalization of the space is set to greatly benefit Brooklyn (and enhance Red Hook) — provided the city can stay on track.

To kickstart the process, the city will invest $80 million to repair three piers on the site; the state has committed an additional $15 million.

However, the project will require much more funding: The city has applied for over $350 million in federal funds, and significant development will likely rely on private investment.

Despite financial challenges, it is still early stages: In the late spring, a taskforce led by Rep. Dan Goldman will convene with various stakeholders to develop a shared vision for the space.

With multiple parties involved, there is a risk of delays due to competing interests, as seen in previous projects such as the Bronx Armory endeavor.

The mayor’s taskforce, including state Sen. Andrew Gounardes and City Councilwoman Alexa Aviles, will need to navigate demands and keep the project on track.

While significant results may take years to materialize, the transformation of a dilapidated waterfront space into housing, parks, and businesses will benefit all New Yorkers.

Credit goes to savvy, forward-thinking teamwork between City Hall and Albany for this landmark agreement.

Kudos to Adams and Hochul for their efforts in investing in New York’s future.

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