Andreas Probst’s Murder Exposes Media Bias

The murder of retired California police chief Andreas Probst in Las Vegas highlights the media’s tendency to overlook stories that do not align with their progressive agenda. Probst was allegedly killed by two teenagers in a brutal hit-and-run incident while he was bicycling. Initially, the duo were not charged with homicide, but a video they filmed in the car exposed their cold-blooded behavior as they planned and laughed about the killing. The video is difficult to watch, with the driver, Jesus Ayala, 17, asking, “Ready?” and the passenger, Jzamir Keys, 16, responding, “Yeah, hit his ass.” This murder was not isolated, as earlier that day, the pair had already hit another person with their car, who fortunately survived. Such a violent and nihilistic crime would typically receive national attention, but it has largely been ignored for the past month. The New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN have not covered the story. While there has been some broader US coverage, most of it revolved around the attacks a Las Vegas reporter faced on Twitter due to an outdated headline in Probst’s obituary. If this story fit into a preferred progressive narrative, such as “white cop kills black man,” it would receive extensive coverage to further the progressive political agenda. What is particularly disturbing about this crime, which has been largely overlooked, is the killers’ apparent intention to post it on social media. It seems that the media’s preferred “narrative ecology” does not allow for headlines like “Deranged, Amoral Teens Murder Retired Cop for Likes” or “Social Media Promotes Social Decay.” Every injustice deserves attention, and cherry-picking stories to promote a political agenda should not have a place in the press.

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