Andrew, be less pathetic and fade away

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Shameless and pathetic: Disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo is launching a comeback with a TV ad buy claiming he’s been exonerated after getting railroaded out of office.

No doubt he’ll also demand he get his Emmy award back, too.

“Political attacks won and New York lost a proven leader,” claims the 30-second ad viewed by The Post. It highlights five district attorneys’ decisions not to charge against Cuomo for sexual harassment — ignoring the fact that those prosecutors (and the Assembly’s Judiciary Committee report) affirmed the credibility of Cuomo’s accusers — all 11 of them.

As for “railroaded,” last August, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said: “The Governor has lost the confidence of the Assembly Democratic majority and . . . he can no longer remain in office.” Shortly thereafter, Cuomo begrudgingly resigned.

Even Cuomo’s allies could no longer ignore the evidence that Cuomo had violated anti-harassment laws that he himself put in place. The Judiciary report also found his handling of COVID-related nursing-home deaths wanting and charged that he used executive staff, including other state workers, to assist in writing his $5.1 million pandemic memoir.

Which also eviscerates his “proven leader” pretensions.

Expect nothing but Bronx cheers for Handsy Andy’s comeback bid, and hope that he gets the message and finally does his clear duty: Just fade away.

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