Another NYC high school plagued by antisemitism: Is the DOE or UFT turning a blind eye?

In yet another black eye for the city Department of Education and the United Federation of Teachers, antisemitism is so out of control at Origins HS in Sheepshead Bay that history teacher Danielle Kaminsky has resorted to suing after months of intimidation and harassment.

And The Post’s Susan Edelman confirmed the situation in interviews with multiple staffers as well as outside sources.

Just three weeks after the Oct. 7 Hamas massacre of 1,200 Israelis, dozens of teens marched through the halls waving a Palestinian flag and chanting “Death to Israel!” and “Kill the Jews!”

A student giving a Nazi salute in the hallway at the Sheepshead Bay school.
A student giving a Nazi salute in the hallway at the Sheepshead Bay school. Courtesy of Sidney Southerland

A student painted a Hitler mustache on his face.
A student painted a Hitler mustache on his face.

Acting Principal Dara Kammerman is plainly overwhelmed, apparently resorting merely to “restorative justice” counseling to counter the hate, while the UFT seems indifferent to the plight of Kaminsky and other teachers.

Oh: She also arranged for some students to visit the Museum of Jewish Heritage to experience its new program to educate students about antisemitism and the Holocaust — except the kids got it canceled by harassing two museum staffers on a preliminary visit to Origins with remarks like “Who cares about the Jews?” and one student’s claim that he’d “take money from the dead Jewish people’s corpses.”

When students did do a later visit to the museum, some stuffed trash in the donation box.

And it’s not just anti-Jewish hate: Anti-black and anti-gay bigotry has also been reported.

Nor is Origins unique: Recall the anti-semitic riot at Hillcrest HS in Jamaica back in November, which targeted another Jewish teacher.

The DOE is supposed to know what’s going on in its schools; the UFT is supposed to protect its members.

Instead, both seem eager to ignore these outrages, perhaps for fear of rocking the boat that serves well-paid educrats and union functionaries all too well.

You have to wonder: Does any institution in this town except The Post care about what’s going on in the city’s schools?

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