Biden must unchain Ukraine following Russia’s assault on children’s hospital

Vladimir Putin is targeting hospitals and other purely civilian targets across Ukraine, even as President Biden largely keeps Kyiv from hitting even military assets inside Russia.

On Monday, Russia bombed Ukraine’s largest children’s hospital in Kyiv as part of an all-out daytime assault on cities across the country, killing at least 36 and injuring 137 (casualty counts that will rise, as unknown numbers remain trapped under rubble).

In fact, Russia has attacked hundreds of hospitals, clinics and ambulances since the war began, though targeting sick children may be a new low.

In April, the World Health Organization noted that almost a fifth of the verified attacks in Ukraine in 2024’s first three months were on Emergency Medical Services.

This is Putin’s modus operandi: During the Syrian civil war, Russia systemically targeted hospitals.

Ukraine has the firepower to fight back — if only Biden would let President Volodymyr Zelensky use it.

Instead, Joe is hamstringing Ukraine’s ability to win this war by mostly forbidding the use of US-provided weapons to strike military targets within Russia, essentially forcing Kyiv to fight with one hand tied behind its back.

In June, Biden loosened this restriction, but only in areas where Russia was already coming across the border, and he’s still banning the use of ATACMS (long-range guided missiles) on targets within Russia.

With Biden’s handcuffs, Ukraine can only play defense with US weapons, never offense.

As Dalibor Rohac noted in The Post: “We never set red lines for Putin. We only set red lines for ourselves, and then we gradually relax those red lines.”

Biden’s endless “fear of escalation” is crippling our allies (in the Middle East as well as Ukraine).

We wonder: Have the president’s handlers even told him that?

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