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Biden Turns Down Hochul’s Plea for Migrant Assistance: Opinions Shared in Letters

The Issue: Gov. Hochul’s meeting with White House officials to discuss the migrant crisis in New York.

Gov. Hochul got all dressed up and went on a mission to Washington (“Biden to NYC: Deal with it,” Sept. 1).

We were thinking that for the first time, she would address the real problem — the open border. No, she took another cowardly approach, asking the feds to help get the illegal migrants permits to work.

If that happens, every person from every country will come to New York City in hopes of earning a salary.

Still, the big problem would remain — no housing. You would thing our governor would use the thousands of empty acres upstate to assist in the housing dilemma. That would make too much sense.

Marty Orenstein

New Hyde Park

After meeting with Biden officials, our governor actually said: “They understand that a lot of time has passed, and the situation has only grown more dire.”

How many times is our governor going to believe what comes out of the Biden White House?

Isn’t it time the governor started to pay attention to what White House officials do, and ignore what they say? I guess you really can fool some of the people all of the time.

John Dumary


President Biden now passes the buck, telling private business to step up and help with the migrant problem in New York City.

It doesn’t work that way. It’s not the responsibility of private business.

The Biden administration has opened the borders for these migrants to enter our country. The responsibility falls only with our government.

The Biden administration is not doing its part for our city. Our city government should not be the dealing with the migrants.

Our mayor and governor keep asking for help, and the Biden administration keeps turning its back. Our city is in turmoil, and it sure doesn’t look it’s going to get better for some time.

Rob Johann


It’s not just the president, but the governor of this state, the mayor of New York City and all the Democrats who have aided in letting illegals get into this country. Enough is enough. This is an invasion, not a stroll across the border.

If they want to come to America, do it legally. Why aren’t we hearing that from the Democrats?

Why do we want people who will not fight for their own country? Freedom is not free. You have to fight for it, die for it and work hard to hold it.

Rise up, people: Politicians work for you. We do not work for them, and we do not have to put up with them.

Albert Marvell, Scotia

Until the migrant crisis came to New York City, liberals did not realize just how detrimental the open-border policies of the Biden administration are. Southern states that dealt with the influx were largely ignored.

Now that the illegal immigrants are front and center in New York City, local leaders are now begging for federal assistance and are simply being rebuffed.

Until the migrant crisis is shipped to Washington, DC, the administration will continue to ignore it.

I propose we build tent refugee centers between the Washington and Lincoln Memorials. Maybe when the crisis is staring the president in his face, he will do something about it.

Barbara Berg

Belle Harbor

Thanks to Biden, Hochul and Adams, New Yorkers, are now facing a new fear.

We have smash-and-loot robberies, subways that are the new housing for the mentally compromised and people shooting up in the streets.

Now we are faced with thousands of illegal immigrants being put in tent cities in local neighborhoods.

Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Harris as the border czar, and she does nothing. Hochul does not have a clue how a big city works, and Adams complains but refuses to make a statement that we are no longer a sanctuary city.

I only hope that citizens will come to their senses about these progressive policies and vote them out.

This situation will flush our city into the sewer.

Maureen Sharkey


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