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Biden’s Energetic Mismanagement Impacts American Wallets, Supports Russia and China

In the grocery store, at the gas pump, across every aspect of daily economic life, American families are getting squeezed between skyrocketing prices and ever-rising interest rates.

Bidenomics — a toxic blend of debt-exploding spending and anti-American energy policy — threatens the American dream and squanders the potential for another great American century.

To lower prices, create high-paying jobs, fuel economic expansion and win the new Cold War with China, we need to do more than just cut federal spending and government regulations — we need to make America the energy superpower of the world.

The average American family is paying $700+ a month more for basic needs than it was when President Joe Biden took office.

Interest rates are at a 22-year high, prices continue to rise, and the corrosive nature of inflation has robbed Americans of their savings.

Biden triggered an inflation crisis by spending trillions of dollars we didn’t have — and his decision to declare war on American energy turned that crisis into a disaster.

Biden’s anti-American energy policies locked the country on a course to rapid inflation.

As input costs went up, production costs went up, shipping costs went up, and families got stuck with the bill.

While Biden imposed restrictions on American energy production, he loosened them on dirty Venezuelan oil and terror-financing Iranian crude.

He’s using your tax dollars to subsidize electric cars powered by Chinese-made batteries while doing nothing to build American pipelines that could be used to undermine Russia.

Put simply, Biden’s energy policy raises prices, empowers dictators and creates deadly instability without improving the environment.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could only happen because of Europe’s dependence on President Vladimir Putin for energy.

A deeply flawed Russia sanctions program drives up costs at home but provides China deep discounts on energy.

It’s time to replace Bidenomics with a blueprint that supports the prosperity, security and freedom of every American.

First, we need to embrace sustainable, reliable and low-cost baseload energy, including nuclear.

The Biden team is pushing to shut down baseload energy from nonrenewables through regulation, red tape and increased costs.

In North Dakota, we’re already prioritizing innovation over regulation and supporting technology that allows America to produce energy that is cleaner, safer and cheaper than anywhere else in the world.

If you care about the environment, you should want every ounce and every electron of energy created in the United States.

Second, we need to resume oil and gas lease sales on federal land.

Courts have ordered the Biden administration to follow the law, but it keeps slow-walking its compliance.

Federal land and minerals belong to the people of this country, not to bureaucrats who want to block clean, American energy production while begging our adversaries to produce more.

Third, for national security we need to ensure all lower 48 states can use American energy instead of imported energy.

Areas like New England and Southern California remain dependent on costlier, dirtier foreign fuels because politicians, regulators and protesters won’t allow pipelines to transport clean US natural gas or transmission-line expansions to enhance grid resiliency, lower consumers’ costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

Permits for energy exploration, production and transport should be available quickly and efficiently.

Years-long delays mired in red tape and federal overreach are crippling the ability to build infrastructure to move US energy around our country and to the world.

These delays increase costs for all consumers and heighten the risk of blackouts, brownouts and energy shortages.

Last, we should stop pursuing the blatant fallacy that a premature switch of our nation to all-electric vehicles will save the planet.

All this would do is replace OPEC with SINOPEC and cede the future of our economy and country to China.

Beijing controls up to 90% of the rare-earth minerals needed to produce electric vehicles.

China also dominates the processing portion of battery making.

Transitioning from gasoline-powered to battery-powered cars without first developing homegrown sources of minerals for batteries only makes America more vulnerable to the Chinese Communist Party.

American energy dominance alongside fiscal discipline, red-tape reduction and pro-growth tax policy will get our economy sprinting instead of crawling.

It will lead to lower prices, higher wages, more jobs and essential economic leverage over both China and Russia.

My plan will put more money in families’ pockets, strap a rocket-booster to the economy and propel America to victory in the Cold War with China.

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum is a Republican candidate for president.

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