Biden’s large-scale amnesty exposes his so-called ‘border crackdown’ as a facade

President Biden’s policy on the border crisis: President Biden appears to be saying one thing but doing the opposite when it comes to the border crisis, hoping that no one will notice.

Just two weeks after signing an executive order that was supposed to tighten the border but was essentially just a publicity stunt, the president announced two reforms that aim to simplify the legalization process for certain groups of illegal migrants. These groups include “dreamers” (those brought to the country as children and protected under an Obama-era order) and around half a million illegal immigrants who are married to U.S. citizens. These reforms shield the latter group from deportation and provide them with work permits in the meantime.

Adding to the confusion, President Biden also stated in the same address that “every nation must secure its borders.”

These moves, along with potential future actions, seem to be intended to reassure the open-borders left that his recent enforcement efforts were merely a show. However, they also send a message to potential border crossers that there may be ways to bypass the legal immigration process with the support of U.S. progressives.

According to the actual law, illegal immigrants married to U.S. citizens are required to return to their home countries to apply for permanent residency, with some facing reentry bans of 10 to 20 years.

President Biden has already stretched his powers to grant “parole” to allow millions of asylum seekers into the country. Now, he is offering “parole in place” to illegal immigrants who have been in the U.S. for at least 10 years and are married to U.S. citizens. This new policy allows them to apply for permanent residency while staying in the United States, with the possibility of obtaining green cards and work permits.

This offer is only valid for those who arrived before the announcement of the new policy, but it still serves as an incentive for individuals to find a spouse before the next potential “parole” and even fabricate evidence of marriage before the cutoff date.

Another reform proposed by President Biden aims to expedite work permits for “dreamers” and other non-citizen students who graduate from U.S. colleges, once again bypassing the law.

While White House aides believe that these amnesties will be seen as reasonable due to the sympathetic nature of the beneficiaries, they failed to anticipate the backlash over the initial decision to open the border.

It seems that the administration is disconnected from public sentiment, believing that President Biden’s limited show of enforcement on June 4th addressed the main issue and now just needs to appease the left.

However, voters are likely to see through this façade and realize that President Biden has failed to uphold his promises to strengthen border security, making a mockery of U.S. immigration law.

A vote for President Biden is essentially a vote for more amnesty and continued weak border policies for the next four years.

It’s time for the administration to recognize that rhetoric alone cannot replace decisive action.

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