Biden’s Latest Falsehood: Ground Zero Lie Adds to a History of Deception

President Joe Biden’s been caught in another blatant lie, this time claiming that he came to Ground Zero the day after 9/11 — when his own autobiography clearly puts him in DC that day.

More outrageous, he offered up the whopper in a speech on the 9/11 anniversary, what should be a moment of real solemnity.

The thing is, lies have been Biden’s standard operating procedure for decades.

He lies for sympathy: claiming time and again, with no evidence, that the driver of the other car in the accident that killed his first wife and daughter was drunk. And twisting son Beau’s death from cancer into a service-related loss.

He lies for extra gravitas: For years he told a 100% false story about having been arrested in South Africa while trying to see Nelson Mandela.

The thing is, the fakery has no limits at all: He lies about his policies, too.

He lied about the inflation his policies caused as it was happening and nowadays pretends everything’s hunky-dory with the average American pocketbook.

He lies about the US border, insisting it’s not wide open.

He lied, despite the evidence in everyone’s eyes, that his Afghanistan bugout was a great success.

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