Biden’s Legislative Success Will Seal His Fate

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As one who has considered the Biden–Sanders so-called compromise Democratic platform of 2020 a potentially mortal threat to American civilization and accordingly to the preeminence of the West in the affairs of the whole world, I’m pleased that a good part of it appears now to be likely of adoption.

What has been billed as the Inflation Reduction Act has been agreed between sometime-maverick West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin and the Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), and is a blessing in disguise. If this program were not enacted with enough time left in the Biden term for its impact to be demonstrated, the country would never know how catastrophic and self-destructive this program is.

Having included some of this in the Democratic platform in a trade-off that gave the less-frightening Biden the nomination over the democratic Marxist Sanders, although he had run well ahead of Biden in the primaries prior to Super Tuesday (when the powers that be in that party delivered the nomination to Biden), the Democratic grandees thought they had struck a winning bargain. They had a united party, a radical left “progressive” platform, and an innocuous candidate, remembered for decades as a journeyman moderate.

In the first presidential debate, when Trump started to lumber Biden with his far-left platform, candidate Biden responded, “The platform is what I say it is.” The Democratic campaign was always an attempt to slide a radical left remake of the country in with an unfrightening candidate, on the flapping wings of Trump-hate.

There was one telling moment in the stormy interlude between election day and Inauguration Day when Biden said he would be the most “progressive” president since Franklin D. Roosevelt. FDR regarded himself as fundamentally a conservative, preserving almost all of the American way of life but slightly to the left of center in contemporary affairs in order to enact legislation that would assure a generally contented working and agrarian class, without which he warned that the United States would be politically unstable. He rolled back welfare in the summer, refused to pay cash to the unemployed unless they were actually disabled—he offered workfare in conservation and infrastructure programs instead—and he gave deficit reduction an honest chance in 1937–38. The current leftist enthusiasm for simply redistributing money from those who’ve earned it to those who haven’t would have appalled FDR, who wanted to make America safe for people who lived in 40-room houses in thousand-acre estates as he did, and famously said, “It is hard for a man with five children and ten servants to make both ends meet.”

The likely passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, which deluges more than one-third of a trillion dollars into the insane Al Gore–John Kerry radical green straitjacket, makes an all-out effort to propel America by the scruff of the neck and the small of the back into electric cars, increases some corporate taxes, reduces drug prices, and funds a huge increase in frontline tax collecting by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which is already the most obnoxious and aggressive tax collector in the world.

It’s fortunate that Manchin stopped the Build Back Better monstrosity and held this less deadly measure up for 18 months—the country will only need one year of this full metal jacket eco-lunacy with accompanying stagflation to require defibrillation for the American middle class and removal of the economy from suicide watch.

The same reasoning excuses President Donald Trump for not turning himself inside out to reelect the Republican senators in Georgia in the special elections of 2020: If the Democrats couldn’t put their bills through the Senate, the country would never discover how insane and in some respects evil this aggressive capitulation of the Democratic Party to wokeness, hostility to whites, denigration of American history and traditions, falsely righteous socialism, its embrace of a massive assault on capitalism by claiming to save the planet by throttling much of American industry in the name of climate, and its appeasement of America’s enemies, is.

Two years from now, with the additional inflation, economic slowdown, intensified IRS terror, and a horrible fiasco over electric cars and sustainable energy this Manchin–Schumer bill will produce, the public will judge the merits of the contending parties, without the ballot-harvesting and outside financing of vote-counting modifications that marred the 2020 election, despite a hysterical and almost air-tight attempt by the political establishment to stifle and obscure the fact (which the majority recognizes).

The likely passage of this bill will demonstrate that there are practically no moderate Democrats left and that it’s a party almost completely indulgent of a racial and economic anger that is barely disguised, though it is muffled by Biden’s havering and waffling. If the Democrats’ ineffectuality had continued, the full proportion of the dangers of their new “progressive” vocation would have been disguised. The likely adoption of this largely insane measure completes the self-unmasking of the Democrats as extremists and will appreciably strengthen the already predominant Trump faction of the Republicans.

The Trump-haters within the Republican Party rushed out of their closets after the last election shouting with joy and embracing each other that the Great Ogre had been banished. As it has become clear that he is obviously the leading candidate for renomination by the Republicans and is apparently nearly 40 points ahead of his nearest competitor, the capable governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, Never Trumpers are retreating in panic. They are as much as the Democrats the victims of the catastrophe of the Biden administration in every policy area: It will ensure the victory of the Republican nominee.

Despite the mighty media effort to promote the Jan. 6 inquiry, the majority correctly see it as a contemptible mud-slinging operation that replaces impartiality with the justice of the Red Queen (the unspeakable Liz Cheney in this case). Even News Corporation has been rattled: the Wall Street Journal and New York Post don’t think Trump is fit to be president, and Fox News won’t interview him any more. But they are unlikely to join the Trump-hate lynch mob of the other networks and principal newspapers. The media market is so fragmented and the media so profoundly distrusted and despised, it doesn’t matter much, and the campaign, in which News Corporation joined, to pretend that the 2020 election result was unquestionably fair, has failed. Everyone knows it was fishy, and unseemly that the judiciary declined to try on their merits any of the 19 lawsuits over the constitutionality of the voting and vote-counting changes made in the swing states to sand-bag Trump, but supposedly to facilitate voting in the pandemic. A movement of only 50,000 votes in three states would have given it to Trump in the Electoral College.

The latest wheeze, that both elderly men, Biden and Trump, should retire, is self-serving claptrap. Biden is almost at the glue factory and the Democrats will be punished in 2024 no matter who they have as a candidate. Trump was probably robbed, with the complicity of the judiciary, and the last thing he wanted on Jan. 6 was an insurrection. He urged “a peaceful protest,” having asked for increased security for the Capitol.

The voters decide when presidents retire, not journalists. Allowing Biden to be effectively progressive should deliver the government altogether to the Trump Republicans. The progressive Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans are heading for the last round-up together.

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

Conrad Black


Conrad Black has been one of Canada’s most prominent financiers for 40 years and was one of the leading newspaper publishers in the world. He’s the author of authoritative biographies of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, and, most recently, “Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other,” which has been republished in updated form. Follow Conrad Black with Bill Bennett and Victor Davis Hanson on their podcast Scholars and Sense.

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