Biden’s letter to Democrats fails to rescue his candidacy

President Biden made an attempt to salvage his candidacy Monday morning, delivering a fervent letter to Democrats in Congress and calling in to “Morning Joe” to emphatically declare his determination to remain in the 2024 presidential race, while subtly hinting at potential repercussions if forced out.

It is worth noting that once again, the president did not speak live or off-the-cuff, highlighting the nation’s concerns regarding his ability to do so.

President Joe Biden speaks to supporters during a campaign rally at Sherman Middle School on July 5. Getty Images

The scripted letter sought to highlight Biden’s accomplishments and justify his continuance in the race, though his claims are met with skepticism.

Furthermore, the president indirectly warned of potential chaos if efforts were made to remove him from the race, indicating his willingness to prolong the process to create discord.

His defiant rhetoric has sparked doubts and criticisms among both the media elite and top Democrats, with many questioning his ability to sustain his candidacy in light of recent public appearances and performance.

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