Caitlin Clark shines in the spotlight for her talent, regardless of race

Caitlin Clark has garnered a long list of achievements, but unfortunately has also attracted some detractors. The latest critic is former ESPN reporter Jemele Hill, who criticized the media for focusing too much on Clark while neglecting coverage of non-white and Black women.

While Hill is known for controversial remarks about race, USA Today columnist Lindsay Schnell also expressed a similar concern last month, stating that white players receive more attention as women’s basketball grows in popularity.

It is important to acknowledge that the attention Clark receives is well-deserved. As the NCAA women’s basketball’s all-time scoring leader and holder of various records, she has made history and deserves recognition.

Despite the abundance of talent in women’s college basketball, Clark’s exceptional performance sets her apart. With impressive stats like averaging 32 points and nine assists per game, she captivates audiences.

Clark dominates.

Her exceptional performance attracts large audiences, with most home and away games for Iowa selling out this year. Analyst Deb Antonelli even coined the term “Clarkonomics” to describe the phenomenon.

In the realm of sports coverage, Clark is an exception. Most of the biggest stars, like LeBron James and Serena Williams, are black and have earned their attention through talent, just like Clark.

There is no conspiracy to overlook black players, and criticizing Clark only diminishes her impact on women’s college basketball. Increased attention to the sport leads to more investment, opportunities, and recognition for players of all races.

It’s important to ignore those who sow racial division. A rising tide benefits everyone, and Caitlin Clark is at the forefront of elevating women’s college basketball.

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